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Hi All  New B-King owner 1f600

After a test riding one when they were launched, I promised myself I would one day own one. Now the children are all grown up and house paid off, It was time for Dad shopping!!
managed to hunt down a 2008 low milage (7K) B-King late last year, lordy!! these bikes even now are big £££.

Turn your sound down as the music is loud and terrible.

The above is the actual bike, the screen has now gone and so has the fugly rear end and exhaust, I have kept all the parts to put back as std. even being a low milage bike it has had the odd issue biggest pain to date is a hot start issue.

I also have a Honda X11 which is an absolute joy to ride (after suspension mods), a real under the radar bike.

I am Based in the UK, Kent.
Name: Mac

Thank you  New B-King owner 1f600

descriptionNew B-King owner EmptyHi Mac

Nice looking bike glad you are pleased with it.

I have had mine from new 2011 I to have changed the back end I have gone for a R&G tail tidy and a pair of  MTC end cans with removable baffles ( sounds great)   Like you I have kept all the original parts ( which I do with all my bikes )

Alby Essex

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Good luck with the bike now getting warmer hopefully will be able to get riding again.
Bought mine at end of 2021.

Keith also in Kent

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Nice, looking for one myself having had a BUSA for several years. As soon as I sat on it it felt right, big and comfortable but with that BUSA engine and chassis. God only knows why they didn't really take off....the rear end is one ugly MF....maybe something to do with it.

I agree, the prices are crazy. I looked at a few at Superbike Market in Derby and thought, £4k plus my mint, low mileage, 2010 BUSA for a 2008 bike did not make sense, so will wait to see if something comes on at a more sensible price. None on the market atm are selling, I think sellers are testing the water and being a bit greedy if I'm honest.

descriptionNew B-King owner EmptyWelcome sticky

Welcome Sticky

If you do find one you will not be disappointed Very Happy

Yes I think people are holding on to there  b-kings (me included)

With you already having a BUSA you will know the awesome power these bikes have New B-King owner 786369

As for the back end most have fitted tail tidys and aftermarket end cans (me included)

Good luck and have fun finding one 👍

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The rear end is a lot better once the ugly stock mufflers are tossed in the bin. And you do something with the license plate. New B-King owner 01010040

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